Radio Production

Reaching Listeners via Local Radio Frequencies

 Roaa Marketing and Advertising handles every responsibility regarding the advertisements a company places on the radio. The widespread medium is a highly lucrative one, and the agency ensures that everything starting from getting a slot to the recording of the advertisement is handled with precision. They take care of procuring for their clients the most privileged slot in the commercials section so that the latter can reach out to maximum listeners. With Roaa, any business can just relax as they handle the task of pre-production management selecting the voice artists, building the storyline, booking a recording studio as well as taking care of the copyright issues and deciding on the ad jingle, if required.

The Roaa Marketing and Advertising team is an expert at handling any kind of project, so, costing is not a problem at all. The client can rest assured that the entire procedure will be completed well within their budget. We at Roaa Marketing and Advertising  also take care of dispatching the final copies of the commercials to the radio stations.