TV Production

Promoting Products through catchy TV ads

 Roaa Marketing and Advertising takes on the responsibility of the complete procedure that involves placing an advertisement in the local Iraqi and international television networks. Our team of expert media planners undertakes the following steps in order to ensure that the TV is utilized as well as possible as a mode of reaching out to your client base. Roaa Marketing and Advertising is responsible for creating the basic idea contributing in the making of the entire advertisement; basically, they offer the framework of the story, that is, undertake concept development.

Roaa Marketing and Advertising  also creates the basic storyline of the ad film, fleshing out the outline. The story is penned in a screen-friendly format; it’s never longer than a minute and is absolutely concise, designed to drive the message home.

As part of the pre and-post-production procedure, Roaa Marketing and Advertising  undertakes the primary research to decide on the target market and the development of the product and related advertisement accordingly. Shoot supervision is yet another of their services; the company films from various angles with instant improvisations at record time, and state-of-the-art computerized techniques are used for the final broadcast. Media planning or buying through TV commercial spot time is also undertaken, and the agency ensures that it is aired at the right slot.