Marketing Strategy and Plans

Cutting-edge Marketing Plans in Iraq to stand ahead in the queue

 Roaa Marketing & Advertising believes in a methodical approach to the action called marketing. Our specialists analyze the macro and micro environments of companies in order to frame marketing strategy and plans. We focus on the supply-and-demand difference, build budgets, evaluate competitors, measure strengths and risks, etc. Such market research in Iraq proves invaluable in deriving information about all the affecting areas of the Iraqi society, economy, politics, technology, law and demography. Our specialists emphasize on choosing the right chain of suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers of a company so that the distribution channels never fail.

Based on the findings, our strategists contrive marketing strategy and plans and implement them in accordance to the influencing factors. We make long and short-term plans for customer segmentation, product mixing, positioning, localization, advertising campaigns, profit earnings, etc. so that everything is addressed and worked on. Our chief aim is to strengthen company-customer relationship and build a strong brand image that together provides a good push to profiteering.