Media Planning and Buying

Wise Planning and Profitable Buying of Media in Iraq gets the right extent of exposure

 We start with a combination of research strategies in order to delve deeper into the experience of the customers before media planning and buying are done. We then employ the creative heads to use their innovative ideas in making advertisements that sell the products effortlessly. Our experts buy slots in local television and radio in order to host an advert for the concerned companies to make sure that it draws a lot of attention.

Our media planning and buying department at Roaa Marketing & Advertising chooses the best channel in order to hit the prospective market. Hence Iraqi channels like magazines, journals, television, radio stations, etc. are targeted as the maximum count of buyers flock over these platforms. However, our assistants know how to make media buying completely affordable for the clients, so that they do not have to invest more than their budget and that they get a good return for their investment.